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Mar 17, 2013 8:15am EDT
was to eliminate current divorce, a specific type directed against the united states and the u.s. dollar. in fact, harry dexter white, the u.s. treasury representative, markets hand man at bretton woods told them, i quote, dinner at the national monetary fund he was determined to senate was designed for a special purpose and that purpose is to prevent depreciation against the u.s. dollar. and in order to do that, they were going to create a system of fixed exchange rates that would be sustained by this international monetary fund. it may seem rather strange in the current context when the united states is battling other countries and china to adopt flexible exchange rates and to stop pegging the u.s. dollar. the motivation was the same coming to get a more competitive dollar. in the 1940s, all the pressure was separate in the, so countries linking to the u.s. dollar kept the dollar at a high level, whereas today most of the pressure from important emerging market countries in particular, most of the pressure on their currency is a person united states flexible exchange rates to get a more competi
Mar 29, 2013 2:30pm PDT
kim jong-un has ordered missile units to attack south korea and the u.s. mainland after american bombers flew trianing missions across south korea. >> he is young, untested, and says he wants to settle scores with american imperialists. he rallied his generals to aim the rockets at u.s. bases in hawaii. north korea is on a war footing, with military parades in pyongyang. news broadcasts are full of theater and threats, 20 this far alone. from turning washington to a lake of fire and cutting military hotlines to south korea. it is an effort to eget washington's attention. they say the bellicose record only deepens the isolation in the u.s. and the u.s. remains committed to its allies, and demonstrated it. fromuclear capables flew missouri to the penninsula of korea. china appealed for calm. nobody believes north korea will launch rockets but a small incident could escalate. >> sergei lavrov saiys unilateral actions could mena it could spiral out of control. he may have meant north korea as much as the u.s. >> the war of words is part of the relationship with washington and pyongya
Mar 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
the support of poor voters. he tapped into nationalism and became a thorn in the side to successive u.s. presidents. two years ago doctors detected cancer in his pelvis. chavez went through several rounds of surgery in cuba. the treatments weakened the once fiery leader. still, voters re-elected him to his fourth term this past october. his inauguration was scheduled to take place in january. but he was not able to leave hospital in havana. hugo chavez was 58. >>> u.s. officials are trying to use their leverage to punish their counterparts in north korea. the americans introduced a draft resolution at the united nations security council. they're targeting banking transactions and what they call illicit activities by diplomats. they say the sanctions will be among the toughest ever. north korean scientists carried out their third underground nuclear test last month. members of the council met on tuesday to discuss how to respond. u.s. delegates drafted the resolution. they managed to get the support of north korea's long-time ally china. >> the international community is united and very
Mar 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
. abe said many countries are opening up their markets including the u.s., nations in europe and emerging economies in asia. he said if japan misses the opportunity to join the tpp, it will inevitably be left behind. the man who has previously served as general counsel of the office for the united states trade representative made a positive comment on japan's decision to join the tpp talks. >> i think the united states has long wanted japan to join tpp. there are benefits for us from a strategic point of view from the standpoint of u.s./japan alliance. there are strategic benefits. and i think there are economic and trade benefits as well. since it will lead to a more dynamic japanese economy. that's good for u.s. exports and trade. it will lead to the removal of long-standing barriers. that's good for u.s. industrial and financial services and agricultural exports. >>> meanwhile, the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson expressed concout tpp expanding without participation of china. she stressed that the process of integrating the economy in the asia pacific region must be
Mar 6, 2013 5:30am PST
. complications and delays in the general election in kenya. who did it.cer one of the dancers has confessed. u.s. least $8 million in money was wasted in iraq. >> what the missing cache was meant to pay for and how it was really spent. -- cash. venezuela has declared seven days of mourning following the death of president hugo chavez. he rose from the ranks of the military to be the leader of one of the largest economies in latin america. a sharp critic of the u.s., the .elf-proclaimed revolutionary >> after two years of illness and weeks of uncertainty, the official announcement came that the venezuelan president is dead. >> after a battle against a heart illness, during the course of almost two years, with the love of the country and blessings of the country, and loyalty of his colleagues, and love of his family, we transmit our pain and solidarity. >> hugo chavez had been in power 14 years of. during that time he became more than a president to many venezuelans. supporters gathered on the streets of iraq as trying to adore the news, many of them shocked.- many in morning. the minister and ple
Mar 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
of u.s. forces. president happened karzai ordered them to leave a week ago. we have more. >> hundreds of residents, both from this province and kabul, marching here toward the parliament building, lend their voices to them calling. this supports the president. they argue you should stop the innocent killing and it will go out in the next two weeks, but they are still here. >> until the last breath of this nation, we will continue this protest and raise our voices, either here in kabul or in wardac. wherever the people are, they will demand their rights. >> the presidential palace says discussions are still ongoing with the u.s., but they're in a very difficult position. he must want to stand up for afghan human rights, and there have been special forces in that province. still not proven, but he also knows security is incredibly important. until frirk the biggest song ever was discovered before it as detonated in kabul. >> u.s. drone attacks violate the sovereignty. after a three-day visit, the u.n. team found the controversial strikes have caused far more civilian casualties than hav
Mar 7, 2013 2:30pm PST
as pyongyang threatens to strike the u.s. and brazil boasts the largest catholic community in the world. what are they looking for in a new pope? ego to rio de janeiro to find out --we go -- we go to rio de janeiro to find out. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. late today in caracas, venezuela's acting president said that hugo chavez's body will lie in state for at least another seven days. then his body is to be embalmed and permanently displayed in a glass casket. foreign leaders are arriving in venezuela ahead of the state funeral which is due to take place tomorrow. the bbc's katty kay -- katty kay is in the capital. what's the latest? >> it is a little bit chaotic. you have all of these foreign dignitaries flying into the country. two u.s. congressmen are here as well as 33 heads of state, all expecting a massive state funeral tomorrow. the government has decided that so many venezuelans want to pay their last respects to hugo chavez, to see his body lying in state, that they are going to extend this period that his body is lying in state i
Mar 25, 2013 8:00pm EDT
was the ambassador the u.s. to the united states in short sleeves, listening to my speech. a filing could not resist the temptation any longer and i asked him, mr. ambassador, what brings you here echo he said south carolina cle. everybody needs their cle. thank you all for your interest in national security. i recall when i went to law school 30 years ago, these types insubjects were discussed international law courses. i find it fascinated -- fascinating that their whole conferences devoted to what i get to do in my job daily. anyway, thank you again for this invitation. today i want to join the current public debate about a national security court for the prior approval of legal counter- terrorism operations, or as some court." it, a "drone many have come down forcefully on one side or the other. i goal is to set up what i believe are the pros and cons, based on my prior personal experience as the senior legal officer of the department of defense and the former federal prosecutor and as a career litigator. as a preliminary matter, i cannot help but reflect for a moment on how we got to where we a
Mar 7, 2013 6:00am EST
does not require the united states to have clear evidence that a specific attack on u.s. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future." now, senator paul, wouldn't it be your understanding that if something is imminent, that it would need to be something occurring immediately? mr. paul: well, yeah, and i think there's really no question about using lethal force against an imminent attack. and i think that's why we need to make the question that we're asking the president very clear, and the question is if planes are attacking the world trade center, we do believe in an imminent response. we do believe in an imminent defense for that. the problem is that if we're talking about noncombatants who might someday be involved, if they are in america, i see no reason why they shouldn't be arrested. mr. lee: and so if we're dealing with something that is imminent, we are talking about something that's about to occ, it's urgent, and that typically is the standard. any time government officials in other contexts, law enforcement, for example, sometimes regrettably and tragi
Mar 24, 2013 3:05pm EDT
on the future. we are asking first what is the state of iraq today, how far towards the u.s.' original goal of a functioning democracy has it come, and what is the outlook for this country in the region, for its neighbors, and that will be the subject of our first panel. we are then going to look at the economic costs of the war. you may remember the president bush's economic adviser was fired for predicting that the war might cost $100 billion to $200 billion. he was off by a factor of 10, and as we are going to hear and our second panel, made much more than that. finally, we are going to ask from the u.s. point of view, what are the geopolitical and military and strategic lessons in so far as we can see them from this near and far vantage point? what are the take-homes from this conflict? wonderfulsembled a first panel. i have no question that however much each of us knows about this conflict firsthand and more, looking around this room, there's a huge amount of wisdom here, but i know all of us are going to go home from this a good deal wiser. i thank you for joining us, and i really am
Mar 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
of the president to take the life of a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil without due process of law, that last portion bears reading again. those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course to the ant heap of totalitarianism. in this vote harvesting time, they use terms like the great society, or as we were told a few days ago by the president, we must accept a greater government activity in the affairs of the people. but they've been a little more ex applies it in the past and among themselves. and of all of the things i now will quote have appeared in print. these are not republican accusations. for example, they have voices that say -- quote -- "the cold war will end through our acceptance of a not undemocratic socialism." another voice says "the profit motive has become outdated. it must be replaced by the incentives of the welfare state." or -- quote -- "our traditional system of individual freedom is incapable of solving the complex problems of the 20th century." senator fulbright has said at stanford university that the constitution is outmoated -- outmoded. h
Mar 13, 2013 5:00am EDT
a battle of the u.s. budget plans. senate democrats are set to unveil the answer to republican paul ryan's deficit cutting proposal today. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange" bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> it looks like a touch weaker for u.s. futures. look at the action. the dow did manage just at the end of the day to eke out small gains yesterday and that means it's been eight straight days of gains for this index. can it be nine? unusual. that would be the first time in 16 years in fact. meanwhile, perhaps some cautionary signs in the nasdaq which has had a weak couple of days stretch over here. s&p 500 also ended lower and looks to give up a point or two this morning as well. 1,545 is the level there. we're down 0.2 in the ftse global 300. a lot of action in the last half hour. we're seeing the euro weakening and general sense of risk coming off the table as we head closer to the weekend. key bond auctions today as well. italy going to market and we see italian stocks giving up .75 of 1%. spain down by two-thirds of 1%. ftse 100 message is consi
Mar 29, 2013 6:30pm PDT
" coming to you from dw live in berlin. >> north korea's leader orders rockets to be ready to attack u.s. bases. m at italy's silvio berlusconi says he will not form a government with the technocrats. >> and christians mark good friday, the day they believe jesus christ was crucified. >> kim jong un has ordered north korean market forces on standby to strike the united states and south korea. the u.s. secretary of defense has denounced the provocative action. >> he met with top military leaders and ordered the preparation that to two u.s. stealth bombers flew over south korea. the north korean military has staged a massive rally in support of the operation to prepare for a massive attack. >> thousands accounting "death to the u.s. imperialists cornerman after a call to arms against south korea and the united states. over the border in south korea, many are worried p'yongyang might act on its debts. there's been a string of worrying signs, including the latest nuclear test in february. tendons on the peninsula are high. >> i am nervous. i do not want north korea to talk like that, but we
Mar 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
will become the prime minister for the opposition in syria. ghassan hitto lived in the u.s. for decades but now he will govern parts of syria controlled by rebel forces. members of the syrian national coalition met in istanbul, turkey. they voted to elect hitto who moved to turkey last year to help coordinate the opposition. the coalition plans to launch an interim government for northern syria which is under rebel control. 70,000 syrians have died in two years of fighting between rebels and president bashar al assad's forces. analysts say some in the coalition see hitto as an outsider. they also doubt rebel groups which are not part of the coalition will accept an interim government. >>> u.s. military leaders are showing off some high-tech hardware they could use against north korea. pilots taking part in a joint exercise with south korea are flying missions using b-52 bombers. the aircraft are capable of launching nuclear missiles and can simultaneously strike multiple targets. the u.s. military has b-52s at its bases in south korea. defense department spokesman george little said the
Mar 29, 2013 5:30am PDT
. north korea's leader has orders his army to prepare for a rocket attack on u.s. military bases in the pacific. it scuggetted he approved an order with his late night meeting with his generals. harry force et reports from seoul. >> in the center of pyongyang thousands turned out in a show shouted to him and death to the u.s. imperialists. pyongyang signed off on his long range missiles to attack the mainland and bases in the pacific. in statements attributed to him he said the time has come to settle klts with the u.s. imperialists adding the u.s. hostilities have entered the phase of threats and blackmail and the late-night meeting was seeing the b 2 stealth bombers the blufrpbltest of figures against pyongyang and the u.n. sent an order that his rockets and were on the highest state of combat readiness. >> u.s. intelligence officials are closely looking at mini movement of the short-mid, and long-range missiles. >> the ministry wouldn't confirm or deny a report that the agency quoted an unnamed official saying increased movements had been detected and given their state of heig
Mar 9, 2013 10:00am EST
of the u.s. armed services committee who played a key role in helping to combat anti-israel said the man at the united nations in a number of roles through the senate. please help me welcome kirsten gillibrand. >> senator mccain, i want to start with you. iran is on everybody's mind. what can the united states do working together to deal with iran and prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities? >> thank you and thank you all for the warm welcome. what a great honor it is to be with general yadlin. we once through the same type of airplane. the difference is he used to shoot people down and i got shot down. i have watched a number of senators come to the united states senate. this senator from new york has done a magnificent job in the sense of the state of israel and the defense of freedom. . we recently had an encounter with the president of egypt i can assure you he will not forget the senator from new york. what is happening in iran is obviously, the centrifuges are spending. the latest effort had conciliation and some kind of agreement with the iranians have -- has fail
Mar 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
countries for help. a senior u.s. envoy had expressexpress ed his frustrations. they're committed to what he called deception, defiance and delay. >> the time for action by iran is now. there is no lack of clarity on what steps iran has to take. there's no debate over requirements. >> inspectors from the international atomic agency has asked to enter a facility near iran. iranian officials have rejected their requests. they say first the inspectors have to agree to certain conditions such as the number of inspections. >> we cannot give a blank check for our national security. no country will give a blank check. >> delegates from six world powers met with iranian officials last week. they offered to ease economic sanction ifs the iranians give them some concessions in return. >>> bankers at the u.s. central bank have been talking to economists and business people across the country. they asked them how they feel about the economy and compile to answers into a report. what can you tell us? >> we found that more americans are buying more cars. they're buying more houses but some are still cauti
Mar 14, 2013 4:30pm PDT
electric company." agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. have you checked out the electric company online? go to check out the games, clips and tons more. the best part is there's new stuff added all the time. you don't believe me? go check it out for yourself. if the electric company loses to the pankers -- pank... >>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathin. >> a perfect ten. the w registers its first ten-day win streak since 1996 and posts another all-time high. the s&p is just 2 points away. >>> new treasury secretary jack lew weighs in on the markets and the american economy. his interview just ahead. >>> and the tsa under fire. the growing backlash over knives on planes. what every traveler needs to know. good evening, everyone, and welcome to our public television viewers. suzy, the market beat goes on and on. >> it's like the energizer bunny. it just keeps going and going. the dow marches on higher for the tenth day in a row, the first time since 1997 -- 1996. it ended at 14,539. the nasdaq
FOX News
Mar 11, 2013 3:00pm PDT
five." that for watching. see you tomorrow, everybody. ♪ >> bret: the u.s. cooperating with the taliban on a tax? the latest anti-american rant from the president of the country, the u.s. is trying to save. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. afghan president hamid karzai says americans and the taliban have struck a deal to keep the violence level high in his country. the accusation comes amid the first afghan trip for new defense secretary chuck hagel, the man who will oversee the planned withdrawal of 34,000 u.s. troops over the next yea year-and-a-half. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the top story. >> reporter: an already awful weekend in afghanistan got even more horrific today. two soldiers killed. as a new spate of anti-american comments by afghan president hamid karzai who accused the u.s. of colluding with the taliban. drew an angry white house rebuke. >> that is cat goricly false. nobody believes that. and our men and women for going on 12 years have sacrificed enormously on behalf of afghanistan. >> new defense secretary chuck
Mar 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
a police role on u.s. soil. proponents say that the high-resolution cameras, heat censors and sophisticated radar on the border protection drones -- and this is the other point. these drones were legislated to be used on the border, and you can argue that there's a federal role for monitoring our borders for national defense and other reasons. but now they're loaning them out to local law enforcement and law enforcement's also buying drones directly. so they have high-resolution cameras, heat censors and sophisticated radar on the border protection drones that can help track criminal activity in the united states, just as the c.i.a. uses predators and other drones to spy on militants in pakistan, nuclear sites in iran and other targets around the globe. for decades, u.s. courts have allowed law enforcement to conduct aerial surveillance without a warrant. this is that sort of open spaces doctrine. i'm not saying it makes it right but the government has been doing it for decades. some of the courts have apparently ruled that what a person does in the open, even behind a back yard fence, can
Mar 24, 2013 4:40pm EDT
, talked about the potential that someday it might even be conceivable that u.s. trade with asia would actually even equal our trade with what was going on across the atlantic. today, it's much greater than our trade across the atlantic. we have been blessed by the insights of many dear friends in asia. we have over the years seen the remarkable economic growth and economic development in asia. it's been our very great pleasure, in fact, to recognize that in terms of economic freedom, as it has evolved throughout asia in specific countries and indeed throughout the region. we always knew that our good friends in japan and that the u.s.japan mutual relationship, both the mutual defense treaty and our bilateral general relationship would be central. but we also thought that asia deserved fully a broader treatment in its own right, so we really invested in the future. as we look ahead in terms of our asian study center, we look also to other achievements in both the range of foreign and strategic issues as well as economic policy issues. in fact, today, they are interlinked and it is hard
FOX Business
Mar 30, 2013 12:00am EDT
, health care saw the largest gain since september, according to the u.s. commerce department. also making "money", the ceo of the cvs saw his compensation jumped 44 percent said $20 million last year. not bad. that is according to a new filing with the sec. shares of cvs have climbed nearly 22%. a truly good friday for justin berliner ofhe detroit tigers. he signed a new contract worth up to a $200 million over eight years. move over. making him the highest-paid picture in baseball history. even when they say it's not, it's always about "money." ♪ adam: i promise no more spanish. i'm in for melissa francis. environmentalists are rejoicing, but oil refiners and drivers are blowing against it today. the epa has unveiled new rules requiring cleaner gas standards nationwide. it is threatening to push already high gasoline prices even higher. here to break down the impact on drivers and the oil industry, director of public citizen's energy program. i know you have been on with melissa. i am going to start with tyson. why do we need to do this? act was under the impression that the environmen
Mar 14, 2013 6:30pm PDT
-of-war being played out in the u.s. economy. >> we had a couple of huge risks hanging over the global economy for the last year. china had the hard landing, the euro break-up, would america fall over its fiscal cliff. none of those things happened. >> reporter: but several good things have happened including more signs today of a turnaround in the labor market. the number of people claiming initial jobless claims falling last week to a lower-than-expected 332,000. that following last friday's february employment report which showed the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since 2008. but while the outlook on jobs is improving, inflation is putting more pressure on u.s. businesses. producer prices or the cost of businesses to manufacture goods rose again in february, climbing nearly 1.7% in just the past year. pushed higher by rising gas prices. at the same time, the u.s. dollar has shown some relative strength, up 4% in just the past two months against the other major currencies. while a stronger dollar sounds great, it can hurt american business making u.s. exports more expensive to fo
Mar 5, 2013 1:00pm PST
very much. >>> there's a new recommendation for how many u.s. troops should remain in afghanistan after they are out at the end of next year. 2014, that's when the majority of the forces are supposed to leave, if not all of the troops. the u.s. plans to keep some troops there. the head of the u.s. military central command telling the armed services committee saying that he recommends that 13,600 american service members remain in afghanistan in 2015 and beyond. last month when he was still defense secretary, leon panetta said up to 12,000 u.s. troops should remain in afghanistan, remain behind. how much maintaining all of those troops in afghanistan, starting in 2015 will cost u.s. taxpayers, who will foot the bill for all of that, questions that have not been answered but it will be in the billions and billions of dollars. >>> also, a potential presidential contender 2016 sits down with jeb bush. >>> plus, former federal drug chiefs urging states to crack down on legalized recreational marijuana. we're going to debate the controversial issue this hour right here in "the situation room.
Mar 15, 2013 7:00pm PDT
are opening up their markets, including the u.s., nations in europe and emerging economies in asia. he said if japan misses the opportunity to join the tpp, it will inevitably be left behind. people in japan and abroad have been reacting to abe's decision to join the negotiations. warren maruyama is the former general counsel at the office of the u.s. trade representative. he sees plenty of benefits down the road. >> i think the united states has long wanted japan to join tpp. there are benefits for us from a strategic point of view from the standpoint of u.s./japan alliance. and i think there are economic and trade benefits as well, since, you know, it will lead to a more dynamic japanese economy. that's good for u.s. exports and for trade. it will lead to the removal of some longstanding barriers. that's good for u.s. industrial and financial services and agricultural exports. >> chinese officials see things differently. foreign ministry spokesperson hua chunying expressed concern about the tpp expanding without her country's participation. she stressed the process of integrating economie
Mar 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
>>> north korean leader kim jong-un has ordered the military to get ready for strikes against u.s. targets. >>> north korea, iran and syria have blocked a u.n. treaty intended to regulate the global arms trade. >>> and an nhk investigation into went went wrong at fukushima daiichi shows they could have avoided one of the melt downs if they had known the inner workings better. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." the u.s. secretary of defense says north korea's provocative actions and belligerent tone have ratcheted up the danger on the korean peninsula. chuck hagel said leaders in pyongyang used heated rhetoric for years, but he said people have to understand there's a new reality. >> we will unequivocally defend and we are unequivocally committed to that alliance with south korea as well as our other allies in that region of the world. and we will be prepared. we have to be prepared to deal with any eventuality there. >> hagel said there are a lot of unknowns, but he said u.s. officials have to take every provocative word and action seriously. maidle made the comments hours after
Mar 26, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. >> reporter: knox will likely be tried in absentia. if convicted italy could ask the u.s. to extradite her, but it's not likely the u.s. would. they've refused in other cases. meredith kercher's family says they welcome a retrial to find out the truth. still fiercely debated six years later. michelle kosinski, nbc news, rome. >>> new threats of nuclear attacks are rumbling out of north korea again today aimed directly at the u.s. and the pentagon is responding. while u.s. intelligence and military officials are wondering just what this new and untested 28-year-old leader might be up to. our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski is on duty from there tonight, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. today's warnings from north korea are the latest in a series of provocative threats, which have forced the u.s. and south korea to plan for possible military retaliation. the north koreans claim they put their long range missiles on high alert, aimed at american targets in guam, hawaii and the u.s. mainland. u.s. officials see no sign of an imminent attack, but they're taking no chances
Mar 12, 2013 2:30am PDT
conclave of sorts back here in the u.s. both chambers of congress doing something they rarely do these days, they are both working on budgets. this morning house budget chair paul ryan of wisconsin is previewing his blueprint. ryan says his budget would balance things by 2023. he's calling for no new taxes and scaling back spending from 5% a year to 3.4% a year that would bring savings of about 4.6 trillion over the next decade. ryan's plan is similar to the one the house passed last year, it would open up u.s. lands for petroleum exploration, reduce obamacare and overall medicare, medicaid mirroring the romney platform from 2012. his plan would allow seniors to buy private insurance or stick with medicare as it is now. the federal government would subsidize private premiums and medicaid under ryan's plan would become a block grant program. on the other side of the capitol, president obama is meeting with senate democrats today. tomorrow those democrats are expected to release their own budget plan. something the party has not done in nearly four years. the "washington post" reports the dem
Mar 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
chaotic. you have all of these foreign dignitaries flying into the country. two u.s. congressmen are here as well as 33 heads of state, all expecting a massive state funeral tomorrow. the government has decided that so many venezuelans want to pay their last respects to hugo chavez, to see his body lying in state, that they are going to extend this period that his body is lying in state indefinitely. the balmy -- the body will be embalmed. it will be put in a glass casket so that venezuelans can file past and see the man that they loved so much. it has let the situation for the funeral up in the air. we think there will be some sort of official ceremony tomorrow but not actually a funeral. the best laid plans of the government have been overturned by the will of the venezuelan people. this crowd is as much a celebration of hugo chavez's life as it is a funeral dirge. it is extraordinary, this queue stretches to four kilometers. you cannot see it. there are mothers, children, grandparents all taking part in their final farewell to hugo chavez. they benefited from his social policies. >> it
Mar 14, 2013 7:00pm PDT
2008. but while the outlook on jobs is improving, inflation is putting more pressure on u.s. businesses. producer prices or the cost of businesses to manufacture goods rose again in february, climbing nearly 1.7% in just the past year. pushed higher by rising gas prices. at the same time, the u.s. dollar has shown some relative strength, up 4% in just the past two months against the other major currencies. while a stronger dollar sounds great, it can hurt american business making u.s. exports more expensive to foreign buyers. >> to the extent that you continue to see the dollar appreciate means you want to be more cautious about buying multinational companies whose profits weaken when the dollar goes up. >> reporter: so far the tug-of-war playing out hasn't been enough to derail this rally. but experts on wall street caution that even the strongest markets face headwinds. >> it would be completely irresponsible not to expect some sort of volatility, you know, within the first half of this year. but there's a soft floor for equities, and any discount like that presents a buying opportuni
Mar 25, 2013 11:00pm PDT
sex marriage. on the eve of hearings before the u.s. supreme court on proposition eight. >> an 11 month old baby, in the back of her mother's car. stolen from the family home. tonight the baby is safe and the search continues for the suspect. >> thousands of people rally in san francisco. supporting same-sex marriage. on the night before proposition 8. take the spotlight in front of the u.s. supreme court. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. kron 4's dan kerman shows us the optimism here in the bay area. that has some people believing the supreme court's ultimate decision on california's ban on same sex marriage. will be historic and in their favor. >> reporter: supporters of very cheap quality took to the street >> things are changing in this country. >> my partner and i want to get married in october of. >> some of those are already married before proposition . however, we were not recognized from the government. they are optimistic that the ultimate ruling would be in their favor. the majority of the favors support same-sex marriage. >> it every day
Mar 26, 2013 5:00am EDT
out today and u.s. home prices could show the sector continuing to claw its way back from recovery. jay you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> all right. welcome back to the show today. kelly is still in brussels. the finance member sister in cyprus says he anticipates the banks will reopen on thursday. bbc radio was told that controls will probably be two tiered and will only be lifted when conditions appear to return to normal. it was suggested that those with uninsured deposits of over 100,000 euros may have to take a hit of around 40 on%. at the same time, ben loskur says he sees no reason for the bailout of cyprus to be a temporary plate for any rescue packages. the banking problems in cyprus were completely unique. he also suggested that the near collapse of the island's banking system highlights the need for better control of eurozone financial institutions. carolin is still there. she joins us again as ever. it's rather windy there. carolin, good to see you again. look, we have been playing around with what sort of figures
Mar 19, 2013 6:30pm PDT
for an interim government they hope will be formed within a month. >> the u.s.-educated i.t. executive was chosen by a majority of national coalition members in istanbul. in his first speech, he ruled out dialogue with the shock assad's regime. government troops and rebel fighters are blaming each other for a chemical attack near the northern city of aleppo -- dialogue with bashar alabama assad's regime. >> they accuse rebel fighters of launching a missile containing poisonous gases. the information minister said this type of weapon was prohibited under international law. >> so far, we have 16 martyrs and 86 wounded. most of them are in critical condition. the chemical contained in the missile causes immediate fainting, convulsion, and that. >> in istanbul, syria's main opposition group said they were looking at the attack rejected allegations that rebels were involved. we also know the rebels do not have access to chemical weapons. they would not have access to the means of launching these kind of chemical weapons. >> we have no details yet. we are against using chemical weapons from any side. i
Mar 20, 2013 6:30pm PDT
and benjamin netanyahu reaffirm u.s.-israeli ties and stress a common stance against iran. >> bailout crisis meetings continue in cyprus as the central bank announces the banks will remain shut until next week. >> and from berlin to the himalayan kingdom of bhutan, we asked what makes people smile on the international day of happiness. it is a visit heavier on symbolism than on substance. president barack obama is in israel right now, where he has promised america's enduring support for the jewish state. he also stressed the need for peace. >> but obama is not expected to provide new initiatives or policy moves in the area of the middle east peace process, which is secondary to israeli leaders when compared to the possibility of a nuclear iran. president obama and prime minister netanyahu have given a press conference. we will talk to our jerusalem correspondent about that in a moment. >> but first, the israeli president said that president barack obama has a vision that can transform the middle east. the pair met earlier in jerusalem at the start of obama 's first visit to israel as u.s. pr
Mar 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
said by what kind of deals he can make. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> karzai accused the u.s. of cooperating with the taliban. mike taibbi reports from afghanistan. >> reporter: security concerns were listed as the reason for the cancellation, at least on the u.s. side. the presidential palace of karzai said it was a unilateral decision to kill by the u.s. in any event, it's also a factor the cancellation was announced hours after karzai made additional critical comments aimed at the u.s., saying the u.s. and the taliban were working together against afghan interests. in nationally televised remarges earlier in the day. karzai said the u.s. was negotiating daily with the with the taliban, the two working together to show there could not be a withdrawal, total withdrawal of coalition troops by the end of 2014 he said the u.s. no longer considered the taliban an enemy and also cited those two terrible suicide bombings yesterday that claimed 18 lives. >> i told the president it was not true, that the united states was ounilaterally working with the taliban to negotiate anything.
Mar 19, 2013 5:30pm PDT
tonight u.s. forces on the order of george w. bush unleashed what later became known as shock and awe. a massive aerial assault that lit up the night sky in baghdad. we were told it would be a quick war. it was about finding and stopping weapons of mass destruction and we would be greeted as liberators. that did not turn out to be the case. now a decade later in our latest poll, a clear majority of americans say the iraq war was not worth it -- the cost in american lives or dollars. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel spent the better part of the last decade covering the war. he has our report tonight. >> reporter: today, baghdad looked like the place many american troops will remember. more than a dozen bombings, dozens dead. ten years after president bush launched shock and awe and toppled saddam hussein, the iraq war has started again. sunnis versus shiites. it's their fight now. but both sides blame the united states for blundering in, looking for weapons of mass destruction that weren't there, undoing iraq's delicate religious balance. hardly the stability desired after
Mar 18, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of "the electric company." agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. visit where you can play a lot of games for your favorite characters and win votes, too. go ahead, what are you waiting for? hey, you... cut it! (laughing) that's awkward. (laughter) put your -- put it -- sorry! put your name on your mind and... (laughter) >>> this is nightly business report. >> markets around the world sell off as investors worry about a bank bailout plan for cyprus means for trouble. >> paul krugman diagnoses american's biggest economic challenges and builders say demand for homes up and so are costs and buildable land is scarce. why home builders aren't as confident. we have that and more starting right now. >> good evening. tyler, it's amazing how one small country in the mediterranean can create big problems for the rest of the world. >> this is a tiny bite. stock markets around the world wobbles as part of the plan to bailout cyprus. part of the plan will take money from the depositors. cyprus has an economy the si
Mar 29, 2013 9:00am PDT
, quote, settle accounts with the u.s. impeei imperials. >> he ordered rockets to be put on stand by and revealed what target he has in mind. we have that coming up >>> in rome, pope francis will preside over his first good friday service, being held at st. peter's basilica. during his short time as pope, he has set a different tone than his predecessors. those are live pictures we are looking at coming from the vatican yesterday. he broke holy thursday tradition by washing the feet of a dozen prisoners, including one woman, who happened to be muslim. >> in pakistan, the taliban are claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing near the u.s. consulate today. the attack killed 31 and wounded several others. a suicide bomber on a motorcycle drove up to a security checkpoint and set off 22 points of explosives. >> no one from the consulate was hurt in that bombing. we are going to start with a massive rescue operation that is just now wrapping up off the coast of latvia. had more than 200 people stranded on two ice floats. >> it is amazing. these are sheets of ice. they broke
Mar 26, 2013 8:00am PDT
report. i'm amy goodman. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments today in the first of two historic cases that could determine the future of same-sex marriage. today the court will take up california's same-sex marriage ban, proposition 8, and consider whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to get married. on wednesday, the supreme court will hear a second case that challenges the defense of marriage act, signed by president bill clinton in 1996 which denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples. the united states has formally handed control of bagram prison to afghanistan following more than a year of delays. the detention center has been dubbed the other guantanamo after reports of prisoners being tortured and abused there. the exact term of the transfer deal remains shadowy, but the u.s. has reportedly received assurances from afghan officials they will not release prisoners deemed to pose a security threat. the u.s. will continue to play a role in determining which prisoners are released and will remain -- maintain custody of some unknown number of afghan pr
Mar 29, 2013 8:00am PDT
are continuing to mount between the u.s. and north korea. the north korean regime says it has ordered its rocket units on standby for an attack on regional u.s. military bases after the u.s. flew stealth bombers capable of deploying nuclear weapons over south korea. it was the latest threat by north korea and the standoff over u.s.-south korean military drills and u.s.-backed security council's sanctions in response to north korea's nuclear tests. on thursday, defense secretary chuck hagel rejected assertions south korea flights are provocation. >> we have secured issues here we have to protect and commitments and our security interests. so, no, i don't think we're doing anything extraordinary or provocative or out of the or didn't -- orbit of what patients do to protect their own interests and ensure, especially at only two south korean allies, but other allies in the region, that' we must mae that these provocations by the north are taken by us very seriously and we will respond to that. >> police in connecticut have unsealed key findings of their investigation into the shooting massacre in ne
Mar 11, 2013 6:00pm PDT
faced new strains today. two u.s. soldiers were killed in an insider attack following pointed accusations by afghan president hamid karzai that the u.s. is colluding with the taliban. tensions were evident everywhere today from an american officer in kabul yelling at troops who had mistakenly shot to death two civilians to wardeck province where the afghans had ordered all special u.s. forces to leave by yesterday. there an afghan policeman gunned down two american soldiers and two other police officers before being killed himself. all of this, as newly confirmed secretary of defense chuck hagel concluded his first trip to afghanistan. the visit was difficult from the start, a suicide bombing outside the afghan defense ministry on saturday as he met with nato commanders nearby. >> i wasn't sure what it was. i was in a briefing. but we're in a war zone. i've been in war. you know, shouldn't be surprised when a bomb goes off. >> woodruff: then on sunday a verbal broadside from afghan president hamid karzai charging the u.s. had a role in the attack. >> the bombs which exploded y
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